Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Australian 1928 Chevrolet - This ones a Roadster!!

Well a lovely email landed on my desk today from another Australian 1928 Chevrolet owner who acquired the old car from his father, this happen a bit from time to time and the email read like this - 
"Hi Grant , i just came across you blog about your 28 Chev.
Thank you so much, it brought back so many memories of my dad and I doing our 28 Chev Roadster. Same colour as yours !! So many similarities as well.
My Dad has passed, nearly 14 years now, but I still feel him with me everyday as i work on my toys. Our 28 is due for a redo soon and I sincerely hope my son XXXX will be interested in helping me.
We are from WA but moved to Hobart 8 years ago and I made sure i shipped our 28 out with us.
Again thanks for the blog, thanks for the inspiration boost. A few tears shed while reading it and in such a nice way.
My Dad was a motor engineer of the finest sort, started his apprenticeship in 1936 and worked his way up to director of Sydney Atkinson Motors the state distributor for Holden and GM. His passion was Buick but he loved his 28 Chevs "last of the fours, first of the four wheel brakes" he would comment ad nauseum.
Again all the best
Hope to catch up one day, maybe.

Mike also added this about his Chev
"PS; Mine is a commercial roadster, no dickie seat. Found it in Bedfordale, once an orchard, now a suburb in the Perth hills. All that was missing was the trunk lid, it had not been cut down like so many. The old Italian orchardist had simply plonked a water pump in the boot. we made a very basic boot lid for it and I must try and get some pics of an original."
"That's my Dad in the Dust coat. I still have those meters in my workshop and still use them."

Nice story and its a great car Mike, good luck with the resto and I will be in touch soon.
Cheers Grant Fowler

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A 28 Chev from Horsham arrived in Trafalgar


Darrell from Horsham in Western Victoria made the trip over on the weekend and showed up at our signshop for a BBQ lunch along with a bunch of others.

"Nat" as Darrell calls his 1928 Chevrolet has been in their family since the mid 1960's and had been a locally owned Hamilton "daily driven" car for many years before that and it is so very original in every aspect when you stand and run your eyes over it, really fantastic to see in this condition.

Original weathered, soft and rather cool looking upholstery still is attached, all the timbers are intact, it is still running the 6 volt system and the reliable old vacuum fuel tank and the spoke wheels really set it off.
It is just lovely to see a car like this in this condition still out and about and still being driven, I loved it and it certainly looked the part parked up beside ole Monty.

Many thanks Darrell for making the trip across to Gippsland and one day I will return the favor and head over west for a visit.

Cheers Grant

Car Club Run out to the Trafalgar Holden Museum


The link below takes you to Ray Deans Chevy blog which has a good write up and heaps of pix on their car clubs run out to the Trafalgar Holden Museum and then a BBQ lunch at our signshop just up the road

The last head count was about 75 in for lunch and the weather was great!!

Cheers Grant

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kev's Chev - Another Aussie 28 Tourer being restored


Yep there is another old 28 Chevy taking shape in Melbourne, is always great to see and then watch one come back to life slowly!!

Check it out in a little more detail from this link below.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Festive Season...


Enjoy, stay safe and thanks for looking in to check up on the old Chevy from time to time over the last 12 months.

Cheers and have a great 2015


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trafalgar Holden Museum Is Now Open


Trafalgar, my home town in Gippsland which is approx 124kms on the Princes Hwy due east of the Melbourne CBD now has a new attractions which opened on the 18th October.

The Trafalgar Holden Museum is location in Waterloo Road and well worth a look if you love your old Holden cars and a group of locals have worked long and hard to transform the old disused butter factory into a wonderful show piece for our small town, come out, have a look and spend a few dollars in the town :)

Check our there facebook page also :

btw we supplied the signs for the museum and also my signshop is only 300 meters up the road so call by there for a chat if I the door is open :)


A Classic Delage and a Sporty Honda


Had a nice sunny run down the Princes Hwy to Bunyip and back which is only a 80km round trip, as I had to look at a lettering job on this late 1990's Honda NXS-R, is the only "R" in Australia and it is in an lovely original condition, also there was this classic old French Delage which was big and beautiful and my old Monty certainly looked like a rough old diamond sitting in the middle of these two and as always the Chevy never missed a beat cruising along at 47mph or 75kph.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Springtime - Is Good Driving Weather Once Again


Yes the sun is out and shining most days again now that spring is here, so the hood-less Chevy gets a few more outings this time of year.. Cheers

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monty The Chev - Resto Vid


I should of done this a few years back, Cheers.

"We'll get it running, but we're not painting it all fancy" - Wayne Fowler

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Finally got a break with the winter weather last Sunday so I rolled the Chevy out of the shed for a bit of TLC, a quick wipe over with some WD40 and then a run up the road and back, all went well and it just purred along like every other time at 47mph, so very sweetly.
Apart from that I have done not much else to it at all these past few months, only flush out the radiator and refill with coolant, I start it up on a weekly basis and get the temp up nice and hot and while that it happening and am constantly listening for rattles and squeaks, checking nuts and bolts and watching for any new leaks that might have occurred, all rather boring but it must be done and you have to keep on top of the little things before they get out of hand and become a costly repair.

Cheers Grant